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Starting with $10,000 at Fight Night 166 (25 January 2020), using a proportional staking method (where 1 unit is 1% of our bank, adjusted weekly), our balance is:


(at 10 August 2022)

Bets are independently verified at

What we do

Data-driven UFC wagering

We play numbers, not fighters

Specialising in distance proposition bets

Informed by mathematical models and long-term forecasting

Combining edge and discipline to beat the bookie

Guiding principles

We bet like an economist and avoid the human pitfalls of gambling

For long-term sustainable growth, mathematical models outperform human intuition every time

The law of large numbers and modern probability theory drive our predictions


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  2. You will also receive our calculated probabilities for each distance prop. We provide the predicted % likelihood of each outcome for every upcoming UFC fight. For example:

Volkanovski vs Ortega

Goes the distance: 70%

Doesn't go the distance: 30%

Note: Bets and percentages are sent via email the day before the next UFC event.

Bets are sent to subscribers just after they are locked in at our account (so you have the best chance of finding similar odds).

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