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Data-driven UFC wagering

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Guiding principles

Bet like an economist and avoid the human pitfalls of gambling

For long-term sustainable growth, pure mathematical models outperform human intuition every time

The law of large numbers and modern probability theory drive our predictions

Betting tips from financial specialists

Welcome to Predictions UFC. We are a small team of finance industry and insurance specialists. The skills we have in forecasting insurance-events map perfectly onto UFC wagering.

At Predictions UFC we address the chaos of fighting with numerical analysis. With large numbers we identify trends and patterns to make predictions. We calculate the probability of an outcome, then search for value in the odds on offer.

Our approach is consistent, patient, and disciplined. Our analysis gives us an edge over the bookie, which we take full advantage of with a precise staking method.

For years we have profited from bets derived from mathematical theory delivered with a methodical betting strategy.

Since 2020, our betting tips and results have been independently verified by third party tracking at BetMMA.tips

Mathematical method

Prediction in UFC is rarely successful. Tapology picks with 80% likelihood and above are wrong almost every week. The crowd does not carry wisdom in this sport. Big underdogs win in every event.

The only method we have found to find profit here is with pure mathematics. With the availability of endless fighter data, the UFC especially lends itself to predictive mathematical analysis.

Our calculated outcomes remove the uncertainty of human intuition and take full advantage of well-established patterns.

Advanced mathematical analysis and method, when combined with accurate historical odds data, is the secret of our success.

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